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What's an Impact Driver?

Well, aside from being a very fast & effective power tool, A4C's Impact Drivers are our supporters, volunteers, and brands who help communicate our impact visually and verbally. They are ambassadors for A4C who are passionate about what we do and help us spread the word through stunning imagery and story-telling. Impact Drivers attend Camp Koru as volunteers to take away and share a personal and genuine view of the transformative experience at camp. 

Richard HallmanRichard Hallman, Photographer

Richard’s passion for water provides him a very unique perspective as an adventure sports photographer:  he actually does all the sports that he photographs.  A long-time resident of Hood River, a mecca for water sports, Richard is an award winning photographer and an adventure seeking athlete.  He captures incredibly gripping moments of the top mountain and wave athletes as they chase their own adventures. Richard has proudly been involved with Athletes 4 Cancer since it’s inception in 2007.


Chris AguilarChris Aguilar, Film Maker

Chris makes a living making videos showing people having fun and playing in the ocean. That statement of his does not do justice the amazing work that Chris puts out -- he's humble. In-between assignments, he paddleboards, stand-up paddles, surfs, runs, eats lots of ice cream and try to find ways to make the world a little more rad. Chris has been involved with Camp Koru since 2010.


TamarTamar Melen, Photographer

Tamar is very grateful to be able to offer her skills and experiences as an underwater photographer, surfer, and young adult cancer survivor to Camp Koru. She captures images that reflect campers' radiance, resilience, and transformation during camp. Tamar has been fortunate to have spent countless hours on & under the healing ocean waters. She's been in the oceans of five of the seven continents since her cancer diagnosis fifteen years ago!

Skip Armstrong, Film Maker

Tracy Kraft Leboe, Photographer

Companies that help us do what we do through in-kind donations!

Maui Waveriders

Waiver Forever

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