Cancer survivors face unique challenges after cancer, with life turning upside down physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Athletes for Cancer's primary program focus is helping rebuild lives after cancer.

We use adventure-based experiences such as surfing, outrigger canoeing, standup paddling and snowboarding, as channels of healing and life-renewal that treat the mind, body, and soul. Athletes for Cancer’s programs aim help young survivors not just survive, but thrive in all aspects of life.

The generosity of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation helped Athletes for Cancer start and carry out this program. JWCF and Athletes for Cancer share a mutual vision for harnessing the healing powers of physical activity and the outdoors to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer.

Camp Koru Survivorship Program

Camp Koru is our adventure retreat program that empowers cancer fighters and survivors to find healing, achievement, and life renewal through outdoor experiences in the ocean and the mountains.

Camps run for 6 days, and are set in locations accommodating a safe learning environment for participants. Survivors are given the proper tools, professional instruction, and focused encouragement required to take on new challenges in a safe and controlled setting, such as – surfing, standup paddling, outrigger canoeing, and snowboarding. The journey is shared with peer survivors and the relationships formed at camp. Through the experience, survivors learn to overcome fears and face life's challenges, ultimately find their own ass-kicking potential after cancer.

The Camp Koru adventure retreats promote a healthy model for survivorship, grow survivor confidence, and help survivors find direction and life renewal by providing an attainable platform for personal success, self-growth, and achievement.

Camp Koru is open to young survivors who have been diagnosed between the ages of 18 and 40. Camps are FREE for survivors to attend! On occasion, we host special trips where a fundraising component may be required. Participants must arrange and cover their travel to camp.

2013 Camps are all wrapped up!

2014 Camp Schedule: 

Schedule is subject to change before Jan. 1, 2014. For complete 2014 camp dates, check back in January 2014.

March 14-20 Skiing & Snowboarding - Mt. Hood, Oregon

April 21-27 Surf & Standup Paddling - Hawaii

May 1-7 Surf & Standup Paddling - Hawaii

Oct. 30-Nov. 5: Surf & Standup Paddling -- Maui, Hawaii

Nov. 6-12: Surf & Standup Paddling -- Maui, Hawaii

To apply as a participant in one of our upcoming camps, fill out an application

Health & Wellness Sustainability

Athletes for Cancer is planning a Health Sustainability program that focuses on sustaining the impact of our KORU program long after camp ends. This plan includes a follow up program for the mind, body, and soul that provides hope, direction, energy, and inspiration to our survivors for years to come.

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Funds donated to Athletes for Cancer benefit our KORU Survivorship Program.


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