Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program empowers cancer survivors to harness their experience at Camp Koru as a purpose-driven launchpad for volunteerism and leadership in A4C and their communities. 

The A4C Ambassador Program inspires cancer survivors who have attended Camp Koru to return as volunteers in many capacities within Athletes 4 Cancer and within their own communities. Motivated to strengthen their healing and purpose while helping others in their cancer journey, these individuals volunteer at events, at camp programs, and in the office at Athletes 4 Cancer. They also reach out to their local healthcare community, young survivor groups, and cancer facilities to spread the word about Camp Koru. Some of them are fantastic fundraisers. Others are amazing artists. All of them, however, inspire those around them with their tenacity, heart, and strength as part of moving forward after cancer.

Be a Giving Ambassador: Anyone can be a Giving Ambassador by raising just $500 to help send someone to a future Camp Koru session! Sign up to fundraise on our Ambassador Page and you will receive an Athletes 4 Cancer t-shirt, sticker, monthly news, and special opportunities to be involved as a volunteer and/or participant in our events. It is fun and rewarding.

Our current Ambassadors of Hope:


Sean Burlette : AKA "Rango"

Rango went through Camp Koru #4. This Texan boy's energy and enthusiasm was instantly contagious at camp and immediately jumped right into being an Ambassador for A4C. He also recently earned a position on the Young Adult Advisory Council to help young people newly diagnosed navigate their way through their cancer.
Region: South, Texas


Nina Garkavi : AKA "Ninja"

Nina went through treatment at Seattle's Children's Hospital. Since her Camp Koru experience in Fall of 2012, she has been spreading the word to other survivors, and proudly represents A4C at events with enthusiasm and fervor! She is also the star in our most recent video. Ninja likes to surf, ski, wear the most badass scarves and generally kick ass.
Region: Pacific Northwest, Seattle

Jenny Williams : AKA "Yogi"

Yogi is an Ambassador from Camp Koru #5 and has volunteered at two camps and multiple Kiteboarding 4 Cancers, our annual fundraising event. You would have no idea that this quiet, petite beauty has six amazing kids who always come help out each year at the KB4C art tent. You might know Jenny from her thank-you notes if you ever donated to A4C.
Region: Pacific Northwest, Oregon

Molly Maher: AKA "Kiko"

Kiko reluctantly came to Camp #2 pretty broken and beat up recovering from breast cancer in 2010. While external scars had healed, the internal ones were wide open. By the time she left Camp Koru, she had shifted from cancer victim to survivor. Kiko has found the A4C  "Ohana " to be an amazing resource for advice, guidance, support and serious laughter. 
  "My goal for every camper is to find strength through trial.  If I can get out on that water, anyone can!!! "  Trust and be trust worthy. On the mainland you can find her sharing her love of music and yoga through teaching and performing. 
Region: Midwest, Minnesota

Michael Stolfi: AKA "Triton"

Michael had no interest attending Camp Koru at first. Six camps later, he is sharing his own story and leading inspiring fireside chats. "Surrounding myself with these people has both made me a better man and has helped me grow in my life after a cancer diagnosis."  Triton contributes to camp inspired to leave the world a better place for his daughter, Cora.
Region: Florida and Pacific Northwest

Resource Queen

Emily Saunders : AKA "Resource Queen"

Emily is an Ambassador from Camp Koru #3, but has volunteered at Camp 4 and at headquarters in Hood River. Emily has worked at various "cancer camps" including Camp Mak-a-Dream for kids, teens, and young adults currently going through treatment. She also completed her Masters Thesis on Programming for Young Adult Cancer Patients/Survivors. 
Region: Pacific Northwest, Oregon

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