Individual Contributors

It is the generosity of individuals that makes A4C work, Camp Koru and our Ambassador Program be sustainable. Every donation counts and goes toward developing and executing survivorship programs that change lives.

Below are some of our key contributors. Thank you for your generosity, thoughtfulness, and caring. You are an agent of change!


J. Schenk
H. Farman
C. Boulet
K. Park
M. Kuntz
C. Johnson
Fritz-Duda Corporation
P. Schonger
The Nora Family


William Pope & The Carolina Cup
S. Talbot
S. Fonn
J. Park
K. Lie
T. Vanveen
T. Williamson
S. Boulanger
Tim Williamson
Genevieve Guinn


C. Ballmer
A. Bassett
A. Bauer
A. Beesley
G. Bennett
P. Blouin
The Bolstads


P. Batten
Mom Bassett
L. Behar
S. Bennett
E. Berdon
J. Binger
C. Blakeslee
L. Breuer

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Funds donated to Athletes for Cancer benefit our KORU Survivorship Program.


Get Involved

Ambassadors help give LIFE to someone after cancer. Wanna be one?


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